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Site Redesign

The work at a site redesign has a sense only in that case, when a site programming is done without big mistakes and the rules of usability are not broken. Otherwise, there is no sense to complete a form of a site (design, context enrichment and etc.) because such kinds of sites are considered to be out of work and suitable for putting into a paper-basket. Made mistakes in a program won't let to make a site optimization successfully, it means that a site won't be able to promote in Internet search machines, it will be static and will have only scanty amount of visitors, it will be somewhere in the backyard of Internet, in the worst case - some mistakes made by a web-designer during the creation of a site with the help of Internet search machines are considered like a spam and its information in the net will be blocked ( f. e. some pages of a site are deleted from the search, including the main page and others) all this is the matter of time. The policy of Internet search machines has a goal to give a user only a product of a high quality and algorithms in this sense are constantly toughen. There is no sense to think that such a kind of site, with placed on it information, will be a tool in business promotion and will improve the image of an owner of this web-resource.

The potential of Internet in promotion of business information is unlimited. There is no sense to think that it's possible to get profit always having a growing competition and a constant increase of new information in Internet, if a web-resource is badly created.

A well-developed site program, which contains up to date technologies, helps a site to promote in Internet search machines, constantly increasing users' visits, and it makes a site more popular, it gives users an access to information which a site contains. A number of visitors and site guests is always growing and increasing. A site must increase a customer's image not only being in Internet, it must work as an effective show, which is available in any time of a day, attracting new guests by its information. Only in this case there is a sense to spend money to a site development. Otherwise, the use of it is only a line of a reference on the calling card.

The time to make a redesign 15-30 days.