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Sites promotion

Sites Promotion

is a number of actions which lead to a site's changes and elements of its environment; the goal is to get high positions during the search in a search machine using search inquiry of Internet users.

We propose to pay Your attention to a full complex of services in promotion of Your web-resource.

Beginning from the 1 stage of work, when your web-resource starts its work (a code's optimization of a main page) and the next stage of work (the 2nd stage) - resource promotion in TOP 10 defined by you Internet search machines, and including other main search inquiries of products, services of this web-resource.

The term of the work of the first stage is 15 days.

The term of the work of the second stage is 3 months from the moment of the beginning of a work under stipulation that 12 full updates will be done by a technical service of a search machine.

A price depends on a quantity of work (a quantity of inquiries and a level of a competition of these inquiries in Internet).


is the process of changing of a current order of a site's ranking according to a search inquiry on the basis of the standard process of renew of the given meanings of factors that define relevance of a site according to a given inquiry.

Algorithm of ranking

is algorithm of the process of a choice of pages from the basis of the search machine, corresponds to the users' inquiry, and their ordering according to the decrement of inquiry relevance.


is a degree of a site's conformity to a search inquiry, defined according to its position in a search machine.

Search inquiry

is an inquiry, inputting by a user into a window of a search machine with the aim to get the necessary information, which corresponds to the inquiry.