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Search optimization

Search optimization

To carry out an optimization work is possible only if there were no mistakes made by its creator, as it was mentioned in a section "Site Redesign". Unfortunately, such mistakes are in about 80% existed web-resource (according to conclusions of experts) and there are mistakes in a new developed web-resource. It happens as a result of production of new sites created by different companies, private persons, self-taught persons, who haven't enough knowledge about constantly changed algorithms of Internet search machines. Qualification of such specialists is at the primitive level, that's why a customer gets a low-quality product. The criteria of a quality such creators define for themselves as they understand it and show only a site form, present only design, miniatures, advertising, banner advertising, counters) but you can find a lot of mistakes in a program that make a harm to a site promotion and to a search with the help of Internet search machines. There are no guarantees; an author of such a site can propose you only a low price.

In general the choice of a site creator at this market of services is unfortunately possible only observing by a customer a creator's "portfolio" (if it exists) only looking at a site's form or choosing the lowest price of a product, not thinking about its quality. In this sense, the understanding of a site creation comes to the primitive error - the site is created, it is filled by context (information) and put into Internet, but if it's in Internet it means that everything is OK, information must already work.

The main criteria of a quality are a well-written program, observance of rules of usability, because, as a rule, a customer unconsciously ignores them, the reason of this ignorance is a lack of information. It is not necessary for a customer to know all technological details; it is a problem of a creator.

But to examine all technological details for an inexperienced man is not a problem. It's necessary to clear up if there are works in a creator's "portfolio", which, for example, are chosen and selected by experts of Internet search machines, if they are put into experts' own elite catalogues. As a rule, the works are selected at will and are properly examined (taking into consideration design, a site's context enrichment, programming and etc).Pay attention to a site's place in the search machines, what words, expressions make this site to be in TOP 10.

Search resource optimization depends on a definite amount of work that is defined by a technical task.

The term of the work is 10-20 days.