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Creation of sites, internet-shops, information and leisure portals

Creation of sites, internet-shops, information and leisure portals

A well-developed site's program, which is full of up to date technologies, will give a site an opportunity to promote successfully in Internet search machines, constantly expanding audience visits. All it influences on a site's popularity, gives an access to information it publishes, promotes the constant increase of site's users. You know, a site must consolidate a customer's image not only being in Internet, it must work as an effective show, which is available in any time of a day, attracting new guests by its information. Only in this case there is a sense to spend money to a site development. Otherwise, the use of it is only a line of a reference on a calling card.
More in detail read in sections: sites redesign, search optimization, sites promotion.

Creation of a site is a complex process, where we can define some main points:

Development of a Site Structure:

In this stage it's necessary to develop a structure and a detailed plan of a site on the basis of the information that You want to place in Internet. The task of conversion of the raw information into the structured set of materials for its transmission to the site's designers is being solved. The development of a site's map (main sections and subsections) according to the rules of usability.

Creation of a Site Design:

The second stage is the development of a site design conception, like a graphic model of the main page and of the three inside pages. We offer the development of a qualitative design, which includes originality, comfort, high quality of a technical work and corresponds to the corporate identity of Your company, taking into consideration your wishes.

Make-up of Models of a Site Design:

When a design problem has been solved, the time of the next stage comes - the make-up of the created graphic models. Make-up must correctly realize a design, have the same presentation in Internet browsers like Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Netscape and Safari in diapason from 800 X 600 to 1600 X 1200. The obligatory realization and transmission of a logical model structure and placed on the site documents (paragraphs, content tables, titles, lists and other structural elements). Make-up must have standards of W3C, saving an ability to work with a site to users, whose browsers don't display graphics.

Programming, CMS installation:

The next step in a site creation is inculcation of models for CMS (a system of a site control). In this stage the task of realization of coordinated and made up models of a site without quality loss is being solved. Our viewpoint is that CMS is only a tool of a site's realization that mustn't limit or change any offered ideas in this stage of a design creation. That's why the significant amount of work is being made in reconstruction of a site control system, giving new tasks, which are foreseen in a project. Without knowledge of a computer language our system of a site control let you edit a text (there is a panel as in Word, which allows to change fonts, styles, to create tables) change a structure, add new sections and subsections, place photos.

The development of a form for sending messages, spam protected, photogallery, forms of offers protected.

Enrichment of a Site with Information:

This stage of enrichment of a site is one of the main one, its role is as important as a design development. In this stage all texts, which have to be placed on a site, are processed. It includes the work of a professional editor (correction or if it's necessary editing) formatting and information presentation according to the developed design, illustration processing.


Optimal organization of a site work. To carry out a work with a code of pages, to pay attention to search machines and to highlight the most important information on your site. Site optimization is important stage for successful work in promotion of the search machines it significantly reduces costs and saves your time.

Site Registration:

Site registration in the main search machines: Yandex, Google, Rambler, MSN.